Leave Your 9-5 Mindset Preparation Challenge For Mompreneurs

October 25-29

It is time to begin planning for your day of FREEDOM

You have been frustrated with trying to BALANCE your job, family and purpose...

You want nothing more than to LIVE a life that you deserve...

One where you can take a VACATION without requesting permission...

One where your earning potential is not based on a company's profit margins or what they believe you are WORTH...

Most importantly you are ready to step out and build a LEGACY with the vision GOD placed on your heart!

If you know that you are ready then why haven't you made the decision to move forward with your desires?



You are allowing fear of the unknown drive your decision to keep you from living the life that you and your family deserve!

Let me share a secret..

You Cannot Get Back Time

Those moments that you miss with your family are gone forever..

The Legacy you know is for YOU is being built by someone else...

The CEO of the company you work for is not concerned about your dreams, hopes, and wishes!

The very first step in your transition from employee to full time entrepreneurship is getting MINDSET READY! 


You have been given a GIFT and with that gift comes a high responsibility!


Your mind is the MOST POWERFUL RESOURSE you have. 

Your mind controls all of your DECISIONS, ACTIONS, and ultimately your RESULTS. 

In order for you to make the transition with CONFIDENCE, CLEAR STRATEGY, and WISDOM you must prepare your mind for success

“Every thought we think is creating our future.” – Louise Hay

When You Complete The Challenge You Will Have...

  • A better understanding of what it will take to actually walk away from your job and walk fully in your purpose

  • An opportunity to connect with like minded Mompreneurs 

  • Time to get your biggest questions and concerns answered Live

  • Actionable steps to prep your mind and your family for full time entrepreneurship

This Is For The Mompreneur Who...

  • Knows that it is time for her to begin the process of transitioning from her 9-5 for her CHILDREN'S SAKE

  • Understands that having a job was not apart of her long term PLAN

  • Desires to spend time with her family on her OWN term without the limiting her time due to a job

  • Is ready to put all her energy and resources towards building out the VISION

  • I can’t get anything done in my business because of my job

  • Has a job that is preventing her from walking fully in her PURPOSE