How To Build A Successful Business & Raise A Family Without Stress & Overwhelm

January 21, 2021

After Attending This Workshop You Will Know How To:

  • Increase productivity in your business without sacrificing time with your family

  • Keep your home in order without getting burnt out

  • Increase the bond with your loved ones during the process of building your legacy

  • Understand how your bigger vision is directly connected to what you do in your business today

  • Understand what's needed to avoid burnout and reduce stress in your daily life

  • Know exactly what's required to organize your business and family for success

  • Learn how to ensure that you meet every goal you set

  • Know how to determine when you need to make changes in your plan

This system is proven to:

  • Significantly reduce mom guilt, stress and overwhelm related to balancing business and family

  • Increase productivity in your business

  • Increase business revenue

  • Help moms stay on top of cleaning, cooking and other household responsibilities without the added stress

  • Bring families closer together during the building process


This Is For The Mompreneur Who...

  • Looking to find Balance Between Family & Business

  • Is completely stressed out with trying to raise a family and build a legacy and is on the verge of giving up but has asked God to give her a sign..

  • Needs a few additional tools to help her Organize her life and scale her Vision!

  • Understands that having a job was not apart of her long term PLAN, but needs more time in her business to actually begin making a transition into full-time entrepreneurship..

  • Is ready to put all her energy and resources towards building out the VISION

  • Is overwhelmed with mom guilt  

  • Is Passionate about her PURPOSE, but feels bad about working on it with all the other responsibilities on her plate 

  • Desires Certainty, Order, and Relief 


Learn the essential keys to building to business and raising a family without the constant stress and overwhelm.

Krisna was amazing to work with. Before I started working with her I was so overwhelmed and truthfully, at my breaking point. I was trying to juggle working full-time, graduate course work half-time, and get a new business venture off the ground on top of being a first time mom to a one year old. Krisna gave me the guidance and the confidence I so desperately needed during a period of time where I was questioning everything I knew about life. Her constant positive energy is infectious and made every session with her a confidence booster. She kept me on task and thinking about the big picture! If you are looking for someone who will hold you accountable, teach you how to organize your life/the time you do have, actually listen to what it is you want, and genuinely work for it as if it was their own dream then Mrs. Guyton is the coach for you.

Tiayonna L.

Owner of

Carolina Garden Coaching


 Hi I'm Krisna proud wife and mother of three amazing children a 13 year old girl who aspires to be an actress, an 11 year old boy who commands a room despite the obstacles he's endured through his Autistic journey, and a 10 month old baby girl who loves her books.

Between Showtime with the hubby, casting calls, therapy appointments, and story time I still find the time to pour into me. This was not always the case. It took me going through a depression to realize that I was emptying out everything I had into everyone around me. Not just my immediate family either. Everyone had a piece of me but Me!

I am not someone who likes to stay in a funk. My natural state is happy, loving, and fun. I decided to act. I began making schedules for my family which revealed how little time I dedicated to myself. I made small changes, rearranging everything in my life, and communicating my needs clearly to those around me. It became a system!

Mom's around me saw the impact those changes had in my life and asked for my assistance. I noticed that all the mom's I helped had a few things in common they were trying to find time to start a business, they lacked self care, and they desired more time with their family. I successfully helped these mamas create 15+ hours of uninterrupted time weekly to focus on their business and self care.

This got me excited and inspired me to create a program. In this program I teach moms how to create a family management system that will provide organization, self discipline, and uninterrupted time to focus on their business. So they will have a more flexible schedule to create financial freedom and never miss a precious moment with their loves ones